MeraNews Network, Okha: Eighteen Indian fishermen were kidnapped and their boats seized by Pakistan Marine Security Agency (PMSA) from the international maritime boundary line (IMBL) off Okha coast in the Arabian Sea on Monday. It was also reported that just three days ago, the PMSA had fired at Indian fishermen and one of the trawlers were taken away by them.

The IMBL has been a cause of dispute between both the countries for a long time, each accusing the other of venturing into their side and kidnapping fishermen and taking away their boats. The abducted fishermen and the boats belonged to Okha-Veraval in Gujarat.

The fishermen community and their families are enraged over the fact that despite the boats being equipped with GPS trackers and maps, the coast guard and navy is unable to thwart these brazen acts by Pakistan inside Indian maritime border.

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