Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: In a baffling instance, thieves stole liquor seized by cops and kept inside a storeroom at the back of the police station in Anklav, Anand. The liquor, which was seized by the cops in 2016-17, is suspected to have been stolen during the months of September and October this year.

According to the complaint filed by police constable Bansibhai Ramabhai of Anklav Police Station, 60 bottles of Royal Stag whiskey worth Rs 24,000, 121 big bottles of John Martin’s whiskey worth Rs 36,300 and 96 small bottles of the same brand were reportedly missing. The total cost of the liquor bottles stolen is pegged at Rs 69,900.

If there’s anything that Gujarat Police loves as a part of its job, it is to seize liquor. Despite there being liquor prohibition in the state, trucks loaded with liquor ferry in every day and cops have good time intercepting them and seizing the stash illicitly brought into Gujarat.

What is worth noting the impunity of the thieves, who not only dared to steal from a police station but managed to get away with the crime under the cops’ noses. According to Gujarat High Court order, CCTV cameras must be installed inside and outside police stations, despite which the cops at Anklav Police station had no clue about seized material being stolen. Petlad Police have been tasked with the investigation into the matter.