MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: An Oman-born Ahmedabad resident woman has accused her husband of physical and mental torture after he forced to sell her eggs to run the house. In a complaint filed with the Sarkhej Police Station by the woman, she claimed that her husband was jobless and would pressurize her to get money from her family and even force her to sell her eggs. When her health deteriorated and she refused to continue selling her eggs, he forcefully made her sign divorce papers.

Faraz Pathan, 26, was born and brought up in Oman. In 2010, she and her family had shifted base to Oman, where she married one Afzalkhan Pathan. After marriage, she got to know that her husband was jobless and thus would seek money from her family to manage run her house. Faraz had two sons from her marriage to Afzalkhan.

Faraz’s mother would send her money to help her take care of the expenses, but the financial help stopped after her mother’s death in 2016. Afzalkhan then began to pressurize her to seek money from her siblings. Upon her refusal to do so, he forced her into selling her eggs and would take her to different districts of Gujarat to do so.

On the other hand, the debt began to mount on her husband and thus he began to take her to places even as far as Rajasthan to sell her eggs. She began to fall sick frequently and had a hard time recuperating. When she refused to sell her eggs from now, a livid Afzalkhan made her sign the divorce documents.

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