Ahmedabad: Insufficient water in the Ghodasar lake of Ahmedabad led to the death of hundreds of fish as the water in the lake began to evaporate with the rising heat this summer. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had to remove these fishes from the lake on Tuesday.

AMC South Zone Deputy Health Officer Dr. Tejas Shah told English-language daily DNA that the water in the lake has evaporated due to high temperature and they have sent the water sample to check the lake’s Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). The dead fish had begun to rot and soon the area surrounding the lake was covered in the stench of the fish, much to the dismay of the local residents and people passing by Ghodasar.

Last year too hundreds of fish in the same lake had died due to the same reason, but the administration failed to take necessary measures, this despite the government running its ambitious water conservation drive and desilting of lakes. It is also being said that another reason the fishes might have died is that of the pollutants being released into the lake from nearby drainage lines. Lately, the summer heat has been taking toll of the people in the city. Such was the temperature on Tuesday that newly laid roads near Bhimjipura had begun to melt in the scorching afternoon heat.