Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: Frictions between the police and political leaders have been on the rise for some time. It is necessary that the self-respect of our elected representatives be maintained, but nowadays the police have been in the firing line of these political leaders who take it on their ego when rubbed the wrong way by policemen. Recently, Mehsana district in charge police inspector Jaydeep Barot saw himself being transferred to the intelligence bureau after a few BJP leaders were upset by his way of functioning, i.e. fulfilling his duty. In a second instance, a police inspector from Rajkot too was similarly transferred to the IB after he got into a tussle with local corporators during the anti-encroachment drive. In the latest instance, sub-inspector JB Vanar of Umreth too got transferred after he refused to detain a Congress leader without any reason.

According to some reports, there were chances of BJP candidates winning the posts of president and vice president in the Umreth district panchayat polls that were held in July. But due to a very thin majority, BJP was of the fear that Congress might snatch away their win. Sujal Shah, the Umreth BJP chief called in PSI JB Vanar and instructed him to detain Congress’ Arvind Thakor over any made up reason. This was a plan to stop Thakor from casting his vote against the BJP in the polls.

The PSI refused to toe Sujal Shah’s line which infuriated Shah. Though BJP won in Umreth, Sujal Shah took up the matter of policemen not following instructions till the Sachivalay, and as a result, PSI Vanar was transferred to IB.

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