MeraNews Network, Aravalli: A class 11 student from Modasa town in Aravalli district of Gujarat has found herself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records longest hair on a teenager in the world. As measured on November 21, 2018, in Rome, Italy, Nilanshi’s hair was 5.7 ft i.e. 170.5 cm long. She was awarded a certificate by a Guinness World Records judge.

Nicknamed Rapunzel after a fictional character from a fairy tale by the same name and a Disney Princess’ animated movie character, 16-year old Nilanshi has been growing her hair since the age of 6. Nilanshi says, “This is a result of hard work of my mother Kaminiben and me in maintaining the hair. No special shampoo or oil is used to aid this growth, but I spend at least half an hour daily in combing the hair.” Nisha had decided not to chop her locks after a hair cutting incident ten years back. She washes her hair once a week.

Her long hair doesn’t come in her way of participating in extra-curricular activities and sports like skating, swimming, chess, table tennis or playing musical instruments. As a matter of fact, Nilanshi has also represented the state at national level table tennis competitions. She agrees that her long locks do sometimes cause issues while swimming.

She has said that this win is actually her message to women that long hair should not be seen as a problem but as an addition to their beauty.