Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Police’s CID (Crime) will be filing a third complaint in the infamous Bitcoin scam worth thousands of crores of rupees. The first ever complaint was by a Surat-based realtor Shailesh Bhatt who accused Amreli Police of illegally detaining him and extorting bitcoins worth Rs 12 crores from him. The CID Crime nailed the role of Amreli SP Jagdish Patel, PI Anant Patel, and former BJP MLA Nalin Kotadia. Of all the accused, Kotadia has been declared fugitive.

The twist in the case happened when the CID Crime got to know that Bhatt had in January swindled at least Rs 153 crore in Bitcoins and cash from a certain Dhaval Mavani of Surat. Bhatt went underground when he realized that the CID has now trained their eyes on him. He applied for an anticipatory bail, whose hearing is still pending in the court. Bhatt, who was the complainant in the first case was later made accused in the second Bitcoin case. The investigation this case by the CID revealed many skeletons and murky deals of Bhatt and his accomplices with several people regarding investment into cryptocurrency.

Dhaval Mavani, who along with Satish Kumbhani and Divy Darji were found to have cheated many people in the name of investment into cryptocurrency and handsome returns from it. It is believed to be somewhere around Rs 8,000 crore. But the third complaint to be filed against Dhaval Mavani and accomplices are of just Rs 1.40 crores, which is not even one percent of the total amount of the scam. The CID appealed to the investors that they come forward and file a complaint with them, but it is doubtful if many would come forth for the same.

The reason being that many of the investments made into Mavani’s firm Bitconnect were black money and if the investors come forth to file a complaint, they will have to disclose the source of the money to the cops and income tax officials.

Because the accused and complainants in these three cases are connected to each other, there is a possibility of them stitching a compromise for an out of court settlement in this case.

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