Meranews, Ahmedabad: On Saturday morning, the police found bombs from the garbage behind a police tent in Daryapur area which has put the Gujarat police on a high alert mode. As per reports, so far around 15 bombs were found from tobacco containers, especially at the time of elections in Gujarat.
According to police sources, today morning a garbage collector found the indigenous bombs dumped in the tobacco containers. The frightened man gradually informed the police about the incident, following it the police and anti-bomb squad was called to look in the matter.”
The investigations were carried out to know its source and who kept it there. The local or indigenous made bombs are believed to be created to spread fear and unrest among the citizens amidst festival time. Moreover, it’s election time and historically such incidents have instigated people at large and its impact is seen on the political parties too.
Even these local bombs are said to cause more casualties because of the raw material used on it like glass, nails, etc.