Gandhinagar: For the promotion of combined production of Solar and Wind Energy in the state, the Gujarat government today introduced the Wind Solar Hybrid Power Policy 2018. This five-year policy will cover energy generation projects approved under it for 25 years or the life duration of the project, whichever is lesser.

Briefing the media about the project, state energy minister Saurabh Patel said that Energy Minister Saurabh Patel under wind solar hybrid power policy 2018, the developer can establish wind energy project in the same land and use the same transmission line alongside their existing solar power project and similarly, solar power units can be set up alongside their existing wind energy projects too. New solar-wind hybrid projects can also be established under this policy and in such a hybrid power project, wind energy and solar energy produced will be measured by a separate meter.

The energy produced from these hybrid power projects will be exempt from duties and taxes. In such a project, the land which can be used for the Solar Energy production can be doubly used for horizontal and the vertical wind power generation. Under this policy, provision of 50 percent concession in cross-subsidy surcharge and additional surcharges has been made on the sale of the energy produced to third-party buyers. Also, provision has been made to provide complete exemption to captive power plants for hybrid projects from cross subsidy surcharge and additional surcharge and 50 percent relief in wheeling charges and distribution losses.

According to this policy, captive and third-party developers will be able to establish 50 percent solar and 50 percent wind power of consumer section load for sale of electricity generated. While the power purchase agreement with Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited will continue as per its course, the developer has the choice to sell its newly produced energy to any buyer. Under this policy, the consumer will be able to install wind energy-solar energy as per the capacity as needed for fulfilling the renewable power purchase obligation.

Gujarat state produces more than 5500 MW wind power and more than 1600 MW of solar energy i.e. both together produce more than 7100 MW non-conventional energy.

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