MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: The Budget Session of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly will meet in February for just a week. Due to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, a Vote on Account will be presented instead of a complete annual financial budget. Six other bills will also be presented in the assembly during the session and all eyes will be on the Savarna-Patidar reservation bill if it is presented and would get passed or not.

Normally, the budget session meets for a period of one and a half months from mid-February and the budget for a whole year is presented in the house. But because the general elections are slated to take place in the summer of 2019, the legislative assembly will present a Vote on Account. Not just Gujarat, but almost every state assembly in February will not be presenting a complete budget.

A Vote on Account is a special provision where the government seeks approval of the assembly to draw money to fund its expenses for a short period of time or until a full budget is presented and passed. Normally a Vote on Account is taken for a period of two months.

Because the assembly will meet only for a week, major issues like farmers loan waiver, youth unemployment, groundnut scam, Patidar reservation, Lok Rakshak Dal Paper Leaks, etc won’t be discussed in the house. Also as the MLAs will get very little time to raise certain topics against the ruling party, the state government will not face a threat to its power like the last time where the opposition had demanded a no-confidence motion.