MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Residents of state capital Gandhinagar were taken aback when a video doing rounds of social media showed stale Kachori with fungus growing in it, being sold at a prominent sweet shop in Sector-21. Snack shops and stores selling packed food have been selling expired and stale goods with impunity in Gandhinagar. The health department is believed to be lenient on such businesses as they are paid hefty bribes during festivities like Diwali. They do conduct a couple of raids, but that just for the sake of face value, during the monsoons.

Radhe Sweets, a popular sweets and snacks chain having shops at Sectors 11, 21 and 29, was accused of selling stale food by a customer Kamlesh Yogiraj. The customer had bought Kachoris on Thursday afternoon from the Sector-21 outlet of Radhe Sweets. He found them to be stale and upon opening the kachori, spotted fungi growth inside. He went back to the shop to confront the store manager about it, and a video of him having a heated exchange went viral on social media platforms and messenger groups.

Mahesh Sukhadiya, the manager of the Sector-21 store told MeraNews that the video is not genuine. He did accept the fact that some of the snacks tend to get stale because of the constantly changing weather in the region and that he had apologized to the customer for the same.