Gandhinagar: The farmers who are participating in the land acquisition by the government for the Bullet Train project that will run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai are set to gain big. Those farmers whose land acquired by the government falls in the urban areas will get double the current value of this land, while those whose land comes in the rural areas will get four times the current value of their land.

Gujarat state revenue minister Kaushik Patel in a press conference on Wednesday said that the bullet train will pass through 508 kilometers across 8 districts. This route consists of 196 villages. Land acquisition in 175 villages has been completed, while farmers of 22 villages have come out in resistance.

Patel informed that the chief minister has said that no farmer will have to suffer injustice. As decided by the center, the farmers will receive twice (urban) and four times (rural) the market rate or the jantri rate of their land, whichever is higher. And those farmers who give it in writing that he/she will cooperate with the acquisition and won’t go to the court will get 25 percent more compensation.

He further said that for those farmers who have resisted the process saying that they are being considered for urban compensation despite falling under the rural areas, the government will surely figure a way out to ensure that every farmer gets justice.

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