Amreli: The echoes of the nationwide protest by the farmers were heard today in the Savarkundla taluka of Amreli district of Gujarat too. Under the leadership of Mahesh Chodvadiya, farmers from Amreli and adjoining districts assembled at the markets of Ambardi and spilled milk and threw vegetables and fruits supposed to be sold in the market yard on the streets. Similar protests were seen at Gir-Somnath too where the sale of milk by the milkmen have been stopped.

The farmers are protesting against the government for not giving them the right price for their produce and waiver of their loans as a part of the nationwide protest led by Rashtriya Kisan Mahasangh. Farmers from various villages across Gujarat are going to hold a meeting to discuss their next step for the protests. There was a meeting of young and old farmers held on early Monday morning at Devali village of Kodinar taluka to discuss their plans for the protest.

Dairy farmers had opened the nozzles of their milk tankers to let the milk flow on to streets as a part of the protest. The farmers have also planned to call off the auctioneering of vegetables at the market yards and stop selling their farm produce altogether.

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