Gandhinagar: Prominent Patidar community leader and the person instrumental in quelling the Patidar reservation agitation in Gujarat Jeram Patel’s name has cropped up in allegedly using his influence in government circles and minister to extort money from people by filing fake cases against them. This was revealed when Patel made public a voice clip which suggests it was a telephonic conversation between him and the current home minister of state Pradipsinh Jadeja. Though it could not be ascertained from this clip if Jadeja too, is involved in Patel’s alleged extortion ring.

Jeram Patel had some of his acquaintances including one Jignesh Rathod to file a false complaint with the Valsad Police against one Savji Patel and his men. Savji and his accomplices have now moved Gujarat High Court seeking legal protection from this case. Rathod is believed to have had some business enmity with Savji and upon Jeram’s suggestion, he took this step.

Savji later showed interest is clearing all the dues that he was supposed to pay to the complainants, but Patel used his influence to have the home minister to instruct the government lawyers to refuse Savji’s offer of out of court settlement. The alleged clip that has been made viral by Patel is that of a conversation between him and Jadeja regarding this case, where the home minister could be heard saying that the said settlement could not be done for a mere Rs 80 lakhs and he should consider it only if they are ready to talk in crores. Jadeja was probably unaware of the fact that his telephonic conversation with Patel is being recorded.

Listen to the clip here:

This audio clip first featured in the Facebook Live broadcast of a prominent Gujarati evening daily Akila. Another audio clip that is doing rounds has Patel and his son Bhavesh discussing getting the accused men in the case to transfer a few assets as a part of the settlement deal. This alleged clip has the men discuss that how the cops are acting upon their instructions and once the deal is done, the cops can be asked to stop harassing the accused people. Notably, there have been fleeting mentions of BJP National president Amit Shah too in the conversation.

Jeram Patel and his son Bhavesh are known to have extorted large sums of money from several people under the pretext of quelling the Patidar reservation stir in the state and have used the names of chief minister Vijay Rupani and the home minister to flaunt their influence while seeking extortion. Speaking to MeraNews, Patel said that on the request of my friend Jinesh Nahar, he had spoken to home minister Jadeja to help Jignesh Rathod in his case. Patel confirmed that it was the case against Savji Patel filed in Bhilad Police Station in Valsad that they were discussing in the audio clip. He further informed that home minister Jadeja and he was only acting as mediators, in this case, to help Jignesh Rathod recover his dues. Jignesh is a friend of Jinesh Nahar, who in turn is a good friend of Jeram Patel.

When MeraNews asked Patel that Jinesh Nahar is the same person who was let off by the police upon instruction of the home minister, he confirmed that yes it is the same person and is a good friend of him. Though, he added that he had not asked Pradipsinh Jadeja to instruct the cops to let go of Jinesh from their custody. Jeram Patel stated that his relationship with Jadeja was nothing official and that he had only involved with the government as a mediator during the peak of Patidar agitation. Home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja didn’t return MeraNews’ repeated phone-calls to him.

Savji Patel has said that the case filed against him by Jignesh Rathod is false and that he is not aware what discussions might have transpired between Jadeja and Jeram Patel.

Jinesh Nahar, whose name had frequently mentioned during MeraNews’ conversation with Jeram Patel, is the same Jinesh Shah of the infamous Shah Brothers of Vapi. The three brothers had stopped the recovery procedure of a nationalized bank from whom they had taken a loan and defaulted in the payment. The brothers had given a land as collateral to the loan but when the bank had initiated its recovery procedure, they moved to court claiming that the said land is agricultural land and it could not be sold for loan recovery. In another instance, Jignesh Rathod and Jinesh Nahar alias Jinesh Shah had threatened Savji Patel’s sister Jigna in an alleged property dispute between them.

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Ever since the clip has gone viral, people are not only questioning Jeram Patel’s mala fide intentions in using his political influence, but also the credibility of the state home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja, on whom lies the responsibility of law and order and security of 6 crore citizens of Gujarat.

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