Gandhinagar: Calling the state government’s water conservation campaign a farce, leader of opposition in the Gujarat Assembly Paresh Dhanani of Gujarat Congress challenged the chief minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani to show him at least one ‘boribandh’ dam built last year that has survived the weather. And if he does, Dhanani has promised to put down his papers. He has demanded that the CM resign from his post if he fails to show the results of his government in water conservation front.

Speaking to journalists, Dhanani said that the state government has been spending crores of rupees of taxpayers’ money in farce water conservation projects since 2002. The government has claimed to have deepened 2.6 lakh ponds and lakes in 2016. It has been forcing NGOs, mafias, bootleggers, contractors, etc to dole out crores of rupees to the government for public welfare but doesn’t actually use them.

He called the BJP government’s policies to the anti-farmer and they have cheated them by not paying them their dues even after five months. Dhanani said that the government promised the farmers of minimum support price for their groundnut crop, but it bought only 7.31 lakh metric tonnes of produce out the total harvest of 33 lakh tonnes. To add insult to injury, it not only stored the purchased produce at ill-kept warehouses but is also not investigating into the fires that are breaking out and destroying the groundnut produce that was grown with the hard toil and sweat of the farmers.