Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: One might have hundreds of issues with Narendra Modi and his politics, but using Jashodaben to get back at him was completely wrong. Jashodaben had recently attended an iftar event in Relief Road, Ahmedabad during the month Ramzan and pictures of her mingling with the Muslim community members had gone viral on social media and were published in newspapers the next day. It could have been a normal thing for Jashodaben to attend an iftar event, but the reason for which she was invited and later her pictures made viral online and published in newspapers was not a normal phenomenon. The people around Jashodaben in the pictures are ones whose names feature in the Ahmedabad Crime Branch records.

Had there been no Narendra Modi factor, Jashodaben might not have been invited to the iftar event, and even if she was, it might not have made it to the news. Jashodaben’s relationship with Narendra Modi is a private matter and nobody has the right to interfere into it. There are thousands of couples who live apart without going through a divorce, and this is one such case. It is also not necessary that couple who live together for a long period have a cordial relationship with each other. Modi’s detractors are aware that using Jashodaben’s name will invite Modi unnecessary trouble and they are also aware that Modi will keep mum on topics that involve Jashodaben.

Ending a relationship can be painful for anyone. We might never know the trouble Modi and Jashodaben might have gone through. And Modi is not bound to answer anyone regarding his relationships. Had he wished, he could have officially ended this relationship as his detractors never miss an opportunity to use Jashodaben’s name to attack him, and ending this relationship would have meant one arrow lesser in his detractor’s quiver. But why didn’t do that, it is a private matter for Modi.

The picture on social media received several comments, mostly positive ones. But between the lines, their messages meant something else. Jashodaben is a woman who doesn’t understand the politics being played. She is a humble woman who lives her life with simplicity. She doesn’t get it on why these so-called well-wishers never bothered her before Narendra Modi became the prime minister of the country. She doesn’t understand the fact that Modi’s rivals are purely using her to attack him.

Forget Modi and Jashodaben, people don’t respect the privacy in the relationship between any man and woman. Modi’s detractors have not got back at him using Jashodaben’s name but made a mockery of the privacy one has regarding their relationship. Even if Modi doesn’t have an issue with this, it was completely wrong of them to use Jashodaben’s name to get even with him.