Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad Police Commissioner Anup Kumar Singh had on Sunday rushed the Ahmedabad Crime Branch office after the victim of the Satellite gang-rape case had levelled accusations on Crime Branch’s Joint Commissioner of Police (JCP) Jayesh Bhatt of asking her questions which hurt her dignity and threatening her to change her complaint in the FIR.

In scenarios like this, the senior cops usually shift the blame on their juniors and distance themselves from the case, but here Commissioner AK Singh set the perfect example of being a senior police officer when he said, “I am the Police Commissioner of Ahmedabad and the Ahmedabad Crime Branch comes under my control. If there is any allegation against the crime branch, then it is an allegation on me which is equivalent to a blot on me.” Further maintaining the dignity of the victim, Singh said, “It saddens me that we lost the trust of the victim. We will try to gain back the lost trust of the victim on us.”

 “We will investigate into the matter to ensure that the victim and her family get justice,” said the police commissioner, without directing any counter allegations on the victim. He answered almost every question asked by the journalists at the press conference with utmost calmness and honesty and in a manner that instilled the trust in people that the police are not hiding anything from them in this case. This might be the first time journalists were experiencing a different manner of interaction, like this one, with a police officer of the commissioned rank.

Singh, who joined the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1985, has never boasted about his achievements in his career, e.g. it was Singh who had killed Vadodara’s dreaded gangster Raju Rasildar in an encounter in 1993 when he was the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in Vadodara. A police who mostly kept to himself, Singh always believed that whatever he did in his career was a part of his policing job. Not only did not allow fame to get to him, also ensured that he stayed away from the politics too. Thus, one could’ve never found him visiting the ministers’ chamber or their residences.

It is the dream of every IPS officer in the state to become the Police Commissioner of Ahmedabad. But despite becoming the city police commissioner, AK Singh’s behavior or lifestyle never changed. Singh and his wife are regular joggers at the Law Garden in the city, a habit which he continued even after becoming the commissioner. Many morning walkers in the park would be taken by surprise when they recognize him from his pictures in the newspapers.

Singh never likes to use his official vehicles or be accompanied by his guards whenever he goes out in his personal capacity, so many a times it is difficult to recognize him whenever he is out with his family without his police uniform. Many honest officers let out their frustration from the difficulties in their job on others, but not Singh. He was never arrogant about being honest, nor was he grumpy about the difficulties he has to face for being an upright police officer. He has never gone beyond the law or toed the line of any minister or government official in the fear of losing his job and stuck to the rulebook of policing.

The Ahmedabad gang-rape case has now become very sensitive with the picture of the father of one of the accused Gaurav Dalmiya with home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja going viral, but these facts would not influence his investigation into the matter. At times it is difficult not to get influenced by the news in newspapers and television and leads to a decision made in haste, but not in Singh’s case as he has assured of justice to the victim. He is the embodiment of a cop who has kept alive the soul of the khaki.

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