New Delhi: The Delhi High court today passed an order against telecom company Airtel for airing and propagating misleading and false advertisements during the Indian Premier League matches on television. Airtel recently launched an advertising campaign claiming to offer the T20 IPL matches free and live and will be available only available to Airtel subscribers.

The Delhi HC has directed Bharti Airtel to modify these advertisements to clearly mention that what is free is merely limited to the subscription to a certain video streaming app to its subscribers. Moreover, the HC directed that the advertisement should prominently state that data download charges will apply as per subscription plan, which the company will have to implement with immediate effect to avoid misleading subscribers further.

The Delhi High Court passed this order upon an application by rival telecom firm Reliance Jio pointing out the misleading information in the Airtel television commercial. Bharti Airtel has been pulled up by the Advertising Standards Council of India in the recent past too, notably for issuing advertisements claiming to offer the fastest speeds based on a speed test campaign by Ookla and another advertisement that claimed it was the ‘fastest ever network’