Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-81): After mentioning about Parvez and Yusuf, Mohammed turned back to look at the duo. Parvez was sitting with his head downwards, while Yusuf was looking at DIG Sinha all the while. When Yusuf was brought to the crime branch nine years ago, there was fear and innocence in his, which disappeared with his time in jail. Sinha was feeling uneasy with the look in Yusuf’s eyes. He signaled with his hand for Yusuf to come near him. Yusuf, who was sitting on the floor didn’t get up, but rather dragged himself with help of his palms and sat next to Mohammed. Sinha turned back and looked at the barrack gate, to ensure that nobody inside or listening to them. He then turned to Yusuf and asked, “So Yusuf tell me, what is it that you spoke to them and it changed their minds from escaping the prison even after the tunnel was almost dug?” Yusuf was staring at his toe and fiddling with the fingers if his hand. After a few moments he looked at Sinha, with seething eyes and said, “Sir, I had plans to murder you once I got out of the prison. Sinha was taken aback hearing this. He flinched a bit and was slightly fearful on what if the eight men inside the barrack overpowered him and strangulated him to death. He looked towards, Yusuf then immediately began to weep. Wiping his tears off with his shirt’s sleeve, and asked Sinha, “Sir, don’t you have a daughter too?” Sinha was surprised on why Yusuf was asking this question, but before he could answer his question, Yusuf said, “I too have a daughter, she was born just before I was arrested by you” and he began to weep again.

He then looked at Parvez and continued speaking to Sinha, “Do you know anything about the situation of Parvez’s house?” Parvez began to weep too. Sinha felt like an accused made to stand in a witness box in court. Yusuf continued, “When he was here inside the jail, his younger sister got married, his mother didn’t have any money to get her married off, so she had to mortgage the house.” He then placed his hand on Mohammed’s shoulder and said, “Sir, this man might be a terrorist for you and the law but for us, he is someone who did what even our own brothers might not do. Mohammed Bhai and his accomplices never applied for any bail, but they fought for our bail till the Supreme Court. But your courts were not ready to listen to us.” Mohammed placed his palm on the thigh of a seething Yusuf to calm him down. “Major, please let me speak today. I have been suppressing this anger for over nine years,” said Yusuf, placing his hand on Mohammed’s hand and then turning towards Sinha, he continued, “Sir, I want you to look into the eyes of Parvez and mine and say that we are responsible for the serial blasts.”

Sinha was stunned to hear this. He was getting nervous, which was visible through his usual habit of fidgeting with his thumb and finger every time he got tensed. He looked at the barrack door once again, just to ensure that nobody is listening to this conversation that they are having right now. Mohammed placed a hand on Yusuf's shoulder and looking at Sinha, he said, “Sir, we made plans to escape for Parvez and Yusuf. Otherwise, we were well aware that we’ll be sent to the gallows, on the day we were caught. We know the crime we’ve committed is nothing lesser, but till date, we believe that whatever we’ve done is right.” Mohammed paused for a bit, took a deep breath and continued, “Sir what wrong did these two young men do that you threw them into the jail with us?” Sinha was trying really hard to maintain his composure. He didn’t want to look down as it would’ve given out a wrong message to the inmates about his mental state. Thus he kept looking at Mohammed as he was speaking. “My heart wept the day you sent them to the prison with us. You punished them for our crimes. I just wanted to secure bail for them at least once, but I couldn’t even do that,” said Mohammed with an apologetic expression on his face. Pointing towards his fellow inmates and said, “So no one from us is tired. We’re not the ones who escape. We’re the ones who are ready to kill and to die. We’re jihadis” For the first time, Sinha began to fear the unbelievable self-confidence in Mohammed and his fellow inmates.

When in crime branch, Sinha was the one who always spoke and everyone listened. But here today, the tables had turned. This time, the inmates were speaking and Sinha was the one listening to them. “Sir, the day I failed to secure bail for Parvez and Yusuf and lost in the court, I felt powerless for the first time. I am a practicing lawyer; I have won many cases, lost a few too, but never in my life felt powerless like I did that day. That loss was not acceptable to me, thus I made the plan to escape, I made the plan to dig a tunnel to escape and even made arrangements for it. All this, only for Parvez and Yusuf. Sometimes, it’s the weakest looking people who turn out to be the strongest, but you’ll never know.” Mohammed called up Parvez next to him. Now Yusuf and Parvez were on his either side and he placed his hand both their shoulders, “Sir they are very brave but innocent people. But you couldn’t recognize it. Had they escaped from the tunnel, you and your crime branch could’ve never found out where they have escaped. But today here we are, right in front of you. All because of these two men,” said Mohammed.