Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-73): After the theft of the mobile phone and its charger, Mohammed was clear about one thing, the device should not be used for any sort of communication. Because the news about the mobile phone theft had already reached the crime branch, who put the device number under tracking to intercept the calls made from it and thus locating the device. That is why Mohammed had destroyed the sim card immediately after they had opened the phone. Being a criminal lawyer, Mohammed’s mind always worked at least one step ahead of the police. The real reason why Mohammed had stolen the phone was to use the light from the mobile phone while working inside the dark tunnel. But there was another issue, which had not come to anyone’s notice, i.e charging the battery of the phone. Even though they had a charger for the device, there was no plug point inside their cells to use any electronic device. BUt Mohammed being the smartest in the group, had already planned for something as a solution to this problem too.

All the lights and fans inside the barrack were installed at a great height, but the bulb inside the toilet was at a reachable distance. Mohammed was aware that Parvez had knowledge of working with electrical wiring. He had instructed Parvez to use the electrical wiring of the toilet in a way that they could charge the mobile device. Even though Parvez didn’t have any necessary tools, he used the blade from their shaving kit to chop off the rubber coating on the wire to connect the copper wire with the charger. This worked as a temporary solution. The happiness evident on  Parvez’s face was equivalent to that of someone who just discovered electricity. Now every day, the men digging the tunnel would take the compass and the mobile phone. They’d begin working right after the midnight closure is lifted in the morning. By the time the day would end, the men would have dug about 4 feet. But Mohammed was in a hurry as monsoon would set in within two months of time. Once the monsoon season would set in, it would become difficult to dig the tunnel, as rainwater would seep into the tunnel. Even Mohammed began to work for a couple of hours in digging the tunnel as now they wanted to escape to freedom at any cost. Mohammed would use the kite string to measure the length of the tunnel every evening after the digging work is finished for the day. His face lit up after he found out that they have dug up to 150 feet and now only 50-60 feet of digging was left. Mohammed made some calculations, and if they were to be true, the men would be out of the prison in the next 15-20 days. But as the days began to pass, Mohammed’s worries begun to increase.

Yunus could read the tension on Mohammed's face. That evening, when everyone was having their food, Yunus went up to Mohammed and asked: “What are you thinking Major?” Mohammed broke a piece of the roti, dipped it in the dal and put it in his mouth. He looked at Mohammed and shook his head, as if saying, “NOthing” Yunus laughed. Mohammed broke off another piece of tori, taking some subzi in it and putting in his mouth, looked at Yunus. “Why are you laughing, do I look like a joker to you?” asked Mohammed halfway into chewing his food. “No.. No.. Major, It’s just that, you are a bad liar. You may fool the cops, but not me,” said Yunus in an apologetic tone. Mohammed began to grin upon hearing this. As he was mixing his dal and rice, he looked at all the other accomplices, who were busy eating. “Everyone, we cannot afford to make a mistake now. We’ve finished 80 percent of the work. Even a single mistake could cost us dearly. Ensure that you all don’t get into any trouble with anyone in the prison.” Mohammed said, addressing everyone. Yunus asked if there is some issue, to which Mohammed answered, “Nothing so far, I am just warning everyone to stay alert and ensure that nothing untoward happens in the coming days.” As they were talking, one of the guards came to the gate of the barrack. The guards never dared to enter the barracks of these men alone. Mohammed was surprised seeing the guard, he stopped midway through his meal and asked, “Jamadaar, why are you here? Is there some problem?” The guard replied, “SP Vasava is coming by for round...” Before the guard could finish his sentence, Vasava entered the barrack flanked by four other guards. Mohammed suddenly stood upon seeing them.

Vasava looked apprehensive when he saw that the inmates were having their meals as he entered to check. Mohammed greeted Vasava and inquired if he had come for a check. Vasava felt bad that he had come at a wrong time for his checking rounds. “Nothing much, I was just passing by when I thought l could drop by for check here too, please sit and continue eating,” said Vasava. He left the barrack, but not before noticing some cloth being hung over something. Just sometime before Vasava had arrived, Mohammed had instructed his accomplices that the guards have never entered the backside of the barrack while checking, and by bad luck, if they are ever to enter the backyard, they might find the open mouth of the tunnel. Mohammed immediately picked up one of their mats and rushed towards the backyard. Yunus called him out, surprised, but Mohammed didn’t stop. He covered the hole with the mat and began to put some soil on it. As Yunus too reached the backyard, Mohammed turned to him and said, we’ll have to do this every day from now on after we finish the digging work for the day.