Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-72): Mohammed’s prediction came true after Dr. Gaurang Bhatt complained the theft of his mobile, the barracks of all those inmates who had visited the clinic for treatment were to be checked. It was important for all the eight inmates to be present in Mohammed’s barrack when the authorities come for checking. Normally, Mohammed would protest and argue everytime such surprise checks were subjected to them, but this time, he himself wished that the authorities do a thorough check of their barracks.As the superintendent walked in, all the inmates except Parvez, who was lying down, got up. Mohammed greeted Vasava with folded hands. When he looked at Parvez, Mohammed informed him that he is still sick. Vasava then looked at one of the guards who had accompanied him. He immediately began to check the whole barrack. Mohammed was silent for some time. He then looked at Vasava and asked, “What happened sir, something?” Vasava didn’t bother responding to it. The guard then checked all the inmates too, but couldn’t find anything suspicious. Vasava’s eyes were running through every corner of the barrack, “Check every single nook and corner of the barrack, including the toilets and bathrooms” ordered Vasava. Mohammed immediately looked at Abu, who signaled with his eyes that there’s no need to worry as he had done the job. As one guard was checking the barracks, another two went inside the toilets and bathrooms too. All of them returned, empty-handed. Vasava began to walk out of the iron grilled gates of the barrack when he stopped at the open ground in front of their cell, and an expression of worry crept upon Mohammed’s face. He was wondering if Yusuf had hidden the mobile phone properly inside the ground below the neem tree and if Vasava finds out, they’d be in great trouble. After looking around the open space for a few minutes, he turned towards Mohammed, this time with a smile on his face, “The garden is beautiful, I’ve not seen such a garden anywhere in the jail premises,” said Vasava.

Mohammed thanked the superintendent and said, “Sir, now that we’re supposed to live here itself, then we must do something productive. We’re thankful to you that you provided us with the gardening necessities so that we can create this garden. A smart Mohammed had placed the digging tools that were given to them, below the neem tree on purpose. Normally they leave the tools inside the tunnel every day, but he had instructed them to get them out on Sunday night itself. Vasava and his men left the barrack. Everyone wore a serious look on their faces till the superintendent left, after which a delighted Yusuf came up to Yunus and they high-fived each other. Mohammed looked at them, with a serious expression on his face. Both of them thought if they made some mistake. Mohammed clarified that this is just the first time they checked their barracks, and similar checks are going to follow, so they will have to be alert. The accomplices were kinda happy that they won’t be digging for the next three days as it was a very laborious job. But Mohammed was not at peace and he would be lost in deep thoughts every day. Next day on Tuesday morning, about an hour after the night closure was lifted; jailer Kaushik Pandya and his men came to Mohammed’s barrack to conduct a check again. The guards wore a smug look on their faces as they checked the barrack and cell thoroughly, but as usual, couldn’t find anything. “Is something wrong sir? This is the second checking in two days?” asked Mohammed to Pandya, who gave out a sigh and replied, “There is no end to our troubles.” Mohammed asked, “What happened?”

Pandya spoke of Dr. Gaurang Bhatt’s mobile theft. Mohammed’s expression changed and he inquired if the jailer is doubting them of this theft. “No no! But till his phone is not found, we’re going to face this trouble daily. These doctors have been told several times not to bring their mobile phones inside jail premises. Now, who knows if the phone was indeed stolen or the doctor actually forgot to bring it with him all along,” said Pandya, with a look of disgust on his face. The guards had returned from the checks and Pandya was about to leave, when he saw the garden maintained by the inmates. Impressed by the beauty of it, Pandya walked towards the open ground instead of the gate, to look at the garden. Mohammed was worried, because it was there, under the need tree, they hid the phone inside the ground. At first, Mohammed thought of stopping them from going towards the ground, but then realization dawned on him that if he does so, they guards and Pandya would doubt this behavior. So, Yunus and Mohammed simply accompanied the jailer and his guards as they went to check out the garden.

Jailer Kaushik Pandya was very impressed by the garden and was enjoying the sight and fragrance of every flower from close proximity, but Mohammed looked visibly worried because he couldn’t make out if the jailer is simply enjoying the flowers of he is checking the garden to quell his doubts. Yunus and Mohammed’s heartbeat began to race when Pandya reached exactly below the neem tree. When Yunus looked at Pandya’s feet, they were right above the spot where the phone was dug and hidden inside. They almost gave up when Pandya turned to his guards and said, “Let’s go to the Bada Chakkar now” They heaved a sigh of relief when Pandya left. Both of them went and sat below the neem tree. There was a weird tension amongst them. Both looked paranoid now. They were never so scared to even when the Crime Branch had caught them. Mohammed immediately got up as if he remembered something. He looked at Yunus, who signaled with his eyes towards the ground, confirming to Mohammed that the phone is safely hidden below. “I think now the crime branch too might come for a round of checks,” said Mohammed. Yunus’ face turned grim on hearing what Mohammed said.