Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-71): Mohammed smartly used the religious freedom reasoning to convince the jail authorities to provide him with a compass. Jailer Kaushik Pandya was scared of being labeled an Islam-hater when Mohammed spoke about their religious freedom. Even Superintendent Vasava had heard that one has to position their heads towards the holy stone of Kaba when offering namaaz, thus he said that there is no issue in providing these inmates with a compass. This turned out to be a very crucial achievement for the men as now they would use this device to ascertain the direction they were tunneling towards. But on Monday, all of a sudden, Mohammed instructed his accomplices that they won't do the digging work for the next three days. No one had a clue on why Mohammed took this decision, but Mohammed had planned everything in advance. On Monday morning, he had informed the jail warden that Parvez has been sick and needs to be taken to the hospital. The warden informed this to authorities who then sent two guards to Mohammed’s barrack. They saw Parvez writhing in pain, and he informed the guards that he has been in this pain in his stomach since the previous night. Meanwhile, Mohammed was closely observing the expressions of the jail guards, which made him realize that Parvez has done a good job acting sick and the guards were convinced that he needed treatment. One of them passed on this message to his senior officer and the jail hospital that they’d be bringing an inmate for treatment. Upon hearing this, Yunus asked one of the guards, “Can two of us accompany Parvez to the hospital?” The two guards looked at each other, and them one of them shook his head in agreement. Yunus and Yusuf helped Parvez stand and walk outside the barrack. As there were not many facilities in the jail, everyone had to walk to the hospital.

Yunus was true when he said Mondays see a maximum rush at the jail hospital. There were only two doctors available inside the prison for the three thousand inmates housed inside. That day, there were about fifty to sixty inmates who were in the hospital to get treatment. One of the specialties of Mohammed was his sharp memory and hawk-like vision. About three months ago when Mohammed had visited the hospital to get medicines for a common fever, he had noticed that one of the doctors, Dr. Gaurang Bhatt would always bring in his mobile phone with him. Mobile phones were something that was not allowed to be brought in the prison, but doctors were exempt from it. Mohammed clearly remembered that how Dr. Gaurang would bring his mobile phone inside but would plug it to a charge at one corner of the room, but back then Mohammed had no clue such small things would come in handy today. Mohammed had informed and instructed Yunus about the same. One of the jail guards went up to the person sitting at the desk outside the clinic and got Parvez’s medical case file prepared. He then handed it over to Yusuf and instructed them to be seated and to go in after they call. “Once you get the medicines, come outside, we’re waiting here,” said the guard and they went outside the door. As the guard went out, the inmates looked at each other. Parvez’s expression of writhing in pain changed into a sly smile and Yunus stood up and left. Parvez’s turn had come about twenty minutes later. One the guards had peeped once during the waiting period, just to check upon them, and he was convinced seeing the three inmates sitting on the bench. Dr. Gaurang checked Parvez and then wrote something inside the file. Yusuf asked, “Doctor is it something serious?” Dr. Gaurang laughed, “No no… just acidity, have the medicines I am giving you and you’ll e fine,” he said to Parvez. As the trio came out of the room, Parvez went back to his old expression of being in pain. Yusuf and Yunus looked at each other, they wanted to speak something, but because of the guards’ accompanying them, they couldn’t. They began to walk towards their barrack.

The guard went with them till their barrack, instructing Parvez to take his medicines on time and properly. Mohammed looked at Yunus, who returned it with a wry smile on his face. It indicated that he followed what Mohammed had instructed him to do and it was successful. Yunus put his hand in the pocket and pulled out a mobile phone and charger. It was Dr. Gaurang’s phone that he had plugged into charging as was his daily routine. Mohammed looked at the device as if he had just got his hands on the Kohinoor diamond. He quickly opened the phones, took out the sim card and crushed it using his teeth. Putting the cover back on phone, he handed over the destroyed sim card to Abu and told him to flush it down the toilet. He then handed the device and charger over to Yunus, “Cover it with a cloth and hide it in the ground below that neem tree. Mohammed had instructed his accomplices to stop working on the tunnel for at least three days. He had two strong reasons for it. One, that a couple of days ago Yusuf had picked a fight with two of the guards who had come to check their barrack as they doubted something fishy happening in there. He was sure that those guards may have informed about this to their seniors. Secondly, once the authorities get to know of Dr. Gaurang’s mobile theft, the whole jail would undergo checking. Mohammed’s guess fell true, that day as the afternoon closure was about to be lifted, jail superintendent Vasava had come in with an army of guards at Mohammed’s barrack. The moment Mohammed got to know about Vasava’s arrival, he instructed Parvez to go and lie down inside.