Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-67): The classes got over and the guards began to lead Mohammed and Co. back to their barracks. One person, Yunus was missing from the group today, as he had gone to the library. Mohammed had seen Yunus being led away by two other guards and tried to ask him where he was going, but Yunus didn’t reply as he himself wasn’t sure why he what he would be looking for in the library. The guards leading Yunus to the library were walking in a manner which Yunus would be in between the two of them. According to the jail manual, no ammunition or arms are allowed inside the prison premises and the guards were only provided with sticks or lathis, so they were just being cautious that Yunus must not try escaping. The Sabarmati prison had a huge library with an amazing collection of books, but sadly a handful of readers. It had books from across the globe, some bought by the prison and most of them donated by good samaritans. Yunus was not sure what is he actually looking for. He was simply expecting to discover the kind of literature he would be looking for in the library. Seeing Yunus enter the library, two inmates who were with the librarian sat up and looked at him. One of them came up to Yunus and inquired what was he looking for. Yunus replied that he had a long time back spotted a certain book but has forgotten its name or subject, though he muttered under his breath that how can he tell this inmate the real reason he is in the library. “I’ll look for what I need, you can sit, I’ll help myself,” said Yunus. But the inmate kept looking at him as Yunus shuffled through different books. He even followed him through the shelves as Yunus moved. In his head, Yunus said, “I just wish this fellow goes back to his seat!”

 Yunus continued to shift from rack to rack, shuffling through different books. The real reason behind this activity was to make the inmate who was following him to feel tired and leave. After a few minutes, the inmate indeed got bored and left. Yunus was relieved and he finally begins to look for the book that he wanted to. He tried hard to remember which book it was that he had seen about five years ago in this library. Yunus was somewhat angry as had Mohammed hatched this plan five years ago, he wouldn’t have to go through this trouble of searching for literature like this. He continued to move from one shelf to another and finally, his eye fell on the book he was looking for. It was a book written in English, named Wonders of Engineering. He looked around to check if someone’s keeping an eye on him and then he opened the index and looked for the topic Tunnels. He found it on page 182 and began to read every single line carefully. The chapter had described how tunnels were dug in Africa without the use of any machinery. By every line, Yunus was getting delighted as he was able to find literally everything he wished to know about tunnel digging. He might have finished about 5-6 pages when he heard the guard shout “Hey, how much more time will you take? It’s already more than an hour.” Yunus quickly placed the book back to its place, but paused for a second of thought, pulled the book back and kept it at another shelf, a trick to remember where he can find this book during his next visit.

As he came out, the guard asked, “Found?” Yunus looked surprised at this question, to which the guard elaborated his query that he asked if Yunus had got the book he was looking for. “No, I tried looking for it everywhere, but I guess our library doesn’t have it,” said Yunus. The guard accompanied Yunus to his barracks and stood next to the warden this he went in. As it was time for the afternoon closure, they had brought in the locks and the guard put a lock on the grilled gates of their barrack. Everyone in the barrack was waiting for Yunus to arrive, as he was coming in, everyone looked curiously at him. Yunus stopped and waited, listening to the footsteps of the guard as he was leaving, just to confirm that nobody is around to listen to him speak. He saw that the warden was sitting a little away from the door. All of a sudden, Yunus broke into a dance and cam towards his accomplices with a spring in his step. Mohammed, who was lying nearby sat up, Yunus went and sat next to him, “I had told you, this captain will take care if this issue, and I have. I just returned from the library reading up on tunnel engineering. I have found out z solution to our problem.” Looking at Mohammed, he asked, “How deep have we gone?” “About 7-8 ft,” said Mohammed. “That’s where we went wrong. We must go as deep as 10-12 feet because it at this depth, the hard soil is found, the reason a slab of mud fell on Abu, is that we were working in the area where there is soft soil.”

“So we will have to dig deeper, about 4-5 ft more?” asked Mohammed. Yunus replied in positive. Everyone wore a smug look upon hearing it. “It’s okay, we will start digging deeper from tomorrow. I think it is good that we got to know of this, we have an engineer in the house!” consoled, Mohammed. Parvez chipped in, “Mohammed Bhai, it is too hot in there” to which Yusuf jokingly told Yunus, “Yunusbhai why don’t you find one more solution to fit a couple of ACs inside the tunnel, this Parvez seems like he was born in London” Parvez was angry. “I just thought if there could be the solution to the heat, it would be better,” he said. Mohammed placed his hand on Parvez’s shoulder and said, look Parvez, we have to suffer through this heat to find our freedom”