Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-66): Mohammed was worried by several challenges they were facing while executing their plan. It was Abu and Riyaz’s turn today to work on the tunnel. Ever since jailer Pandya’s surprise visit, the inmates had become extra cautious and devised a new strategy from being caught. They had decided that every time two of their inmates would be digging the tunnel, another two would go and sit at the entrance of their barrack, chatting up with the warden outside. The plan was to keep an eye on any of the jail authorities coming to visit and to stop them right there by striking a conversation with them too and complaining about the lack to amenities to them in their barrack. That day it was Yunus and Parvez’s duty to sit at the entrance and keep an eye outside. Mohammed, Yusuf, and Chand were sitting below a tree. Even though it looked as if Mohammed was having a conversation with the other two men, his eyes were on vigil in every direction. That’s when he spotted Abu, covered in coil from head to toe, trying to signal something to him hiding behind a wall. Even Yusuf and Chand were surprised seeing Abu like this, but Mohammed placed a hand on Yusuf’s thigh and said, “You two sit here, I’ll go and check what happened” He stood up and walked towards the direction where Abu was standing. Yunus spotted Mohammed moving towards the backyard of the barrack, Mohammed signaled to him saying that he’ll talk about this to him later and Yunus went back to his vigil duty at the entrance.

Mohammed slyly went towards Abu, he was worried as no one should see Abu in this condition. “Major sahib, there is a problem. The soil on the ceiling of the tunnel is getting loose and falling on us,” said Abu showing the mud on his head to Mohammed before he could ask anything.  “Too much soil is falling on you?” asked Mohammed. “A big slab fell on my head, that’s why I came up.” “Where is Riyaz?” “There, he’s sitting outside the tunnel” While now Mohammed had a new problem to tackle, he was relieved that Abu came out on time or else he could have got buried under the soil inside the tunnel. He tried looking inside the tunnel to gauge how bad the situation is, but the darkness inside prevented it. Worried, he instructed both of them to go and clean themselves up in the shower and that they must stop work on the tunnel immediately as he will have to think of something. In reality, Mohammed too had no clue on what to do in regards to this problem now. He came outside and sat below the tree with Yusuf and Parvez. They saw the lines of worry on Mohammed’s forehead. “What happened?” asked Yusuf. “The soil from the ceiling of the tunnel began to fall in the tunnel, informed Mohammed. “So now what?” asked Parvez. This question angered Mohammed as he was wondering how is he supposed to bring answers to every answer thrown at him.

As Mohammed was in deep thoughts, Yunus came up to him and saw that he was looking worried, Mohammed informed Yunuf too about the problem they were facing now. Yunus realized that the matter is indeed serious. After a couple of minutes of thinking, he said, “Major, I think I have a solution to this” everyone looked at him seeking answers. Mohammed looked relieved as if he was finally content that he is not the only one who has to seek answers to all the problems. As everyone was looking at Yunus, waiting for him to speak about his solution, he said “I mean, I don’t have it right now, but give me a couple of days I will figure it out” Mohammed began to wonder what will Yunus do in just a day or more regarding this problem and then they heard the warden call them out. It was time for the inmates to go to Kaushalya Kendra for their classes. Mohammed softly whispered to Yunus to get Abu and Riyaz from inside. After they came out, everyone left their barrack to attend their classes. Today not just Mohammed but even Yunus looked completely lost into thoughts, for obvious reasons.

Yunus was only physically present in class, but inside his head, he was working out a solution to stop the soil from falling off the tunnel ceiling. No one from his accomplices was aware of this fact that Yunus had worked for a long time at a civil engineering firm. Had he been outside the prison, he’d have asked his former colleagues for solutions to such problems, but in here, he was supposed to figure it out on his own. Completely lost in thoughts, Yunus was not at all present mentally in the class, “Where is your mind today Yunus” called out the professor in the class. This broke the train of Yunus’s thoughts. He meekly stood up and told the professor that he was thinking of a specific book. A surprised professor looked at Yunus and asked, “Which book?” “I can’t remember the name, but if I am allowed to go to the library, I might find it” The professor was pleased that Yunus, a criminal could even think of books. He saw that Yunus was looking at the guard, and then towards him. The professor instructed the guard to accompany him to the library and let him access whatever book he wishes to study. The guard, as usual suspicious was wondering if this is some new ploy by these criminals”