Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-49) Inspector Jadeja was off to Juhapura to get some leads from the mosque near Amber tower, while DCP Sinha made a call to JCP Goud who was already on his way, a bit earlier than usual, to the office. Sinha called in one of his commandos to take a few police constables with him and bring Chand out of the lock-up. Chand was locked-up in another cell, all alone the previous night. As the lock-up opened, Chand got up, with his body throbbing in pain from the thrashing he had received the previous night. He couldn't sleep well at night with the fear of getting beaten up again. He was forced to have some tea in the morning by an angry constable, even though he refused for it. Chand was barely able to stand upon the instruction of the cops to accompany them to the DCP's office. His feet were giving him a lot of pain as if nails have been hammered to it. One of the constables held him by his arm and helped to the DCP's office. Sinha signaled at the constables to leave and then gave a hard, cold stare at Chand. He was doing it on purpose as he was aware Chand is scared. Sinha got up, picked up the lathi lying nearby. Chand shuddered at the sight. "No, I am not going to thrash you anymore," said the DCP, keeping the stick back to its place.

The DCP began to walk around Chand, similar to lion examining his prey. Chand's heartbeat got faster and was fearing for his life. The DCP went back to his desk, pulled out his pistol and kept it on top of it. Leaning back in his chair, he pulled out and lighted a cigarette, all the while looking at Chand. This was a mental game the DCP was playing, to instill fear in Chand's mind. The DCP could read the change in expressions on Chand's face. He was aware of the physical capabilities the six suspects had, as they didn't break down even after being thrashed very badly the previous night. But he knew feared the beatings and he wanted that to remain inside Chand so that he could break him down mentally. In a milder tone, the DCP asked Chand, "How far are you going to lie?" Chand was silent. "I asked you something Chand?" thundered the DCP.

"What can I say... I really don't know anything"

"So you mean to say Parvez is lying?"

Chand looked at the DCP, confused. He immediately remembered that Chand doesn't know Parvez by his name. "I am talking about the shopkeeper from Juhapura, from whom you bought those sim cards"

"Sir I have never come to Ahmedabad before, let alone go to his shop and purchase sim cards" The DCP was enraged upon hearing this. But the very next moment, a thought even crossed his mind if Parvez made a mistake in recognizing Chand. DCP Sinha didn't want to show his frustration and worry to Chand. He pitched another question to him, "So this means, you have not gone to Yakubnagar in Vatva before the blasts?"

Sir, you brought us here to Ahmedabad, I have never been to this city before"

Mohammed's training to Chand was coming handy for him. Mohammed, being a lawyer, was aware of the techniques which the policemen use in getting confessions from the accused. He had told Chand to stick to his words despite all the threats and thrashings. Chand was informed about how policemen would keep telling him that they have all the proofs and know everything, but there is a fair possibility of this being a trick and the police having nothing substantial in their hands. So he should not parrot out answers to literally every question asked of him. Chand stuck to his guns and kept repeating the statements that he was taught to say without flinching even a bit, i.e. He has never been to Ahmedabad of purchased the sim cards, nor has he met Naseeruddin before. He didn't fall for any of the trick questions that the DCP had thrown at him. DCP Sinha had expected things to be easier after Parvez identified Chand, but he was wrong. Even after two hours of interrogation, Chand didn't crack, though he was in severe pain. The DCP saw that Chand was having a hard time standing still due to the hits on his sole. He called up the commando and instructed him to take Chand away and put him in the lock-up. It was the next set of instruction that shook Chand from inside. "Don't let him sit. Make him stand in a T position and if he falls, thrash him black and blue." Chand soon understood what the DCP meant by T position, as he was made to stand with his legs stretched as much as he can, and his arms spread completely. His thighs began to pain with the stretching. Two policemen sat with sticks on a chair inside the lock-up, keeping an eye on him. As the blood from his feet began to rush to his heart, Chand's limbs were throbbing in pain. He looked at the constables with an apologetic face, but they showed him the stick. Within few minutes, Chand began to see darkness in front of his eyes. He tried hard to keep up, but he was losing consciousness. Everything around him began to look very hazy. This was a harder punishment compared the thrashing he was given last night. Chand finally collapsed, and the policemen stood up and began whacking him with their sticks.