Three days had passed since the blast, the team that had travelled to Mumbai returned empty handed. The DCP and JCP were in constant touch with the team in Mumbai. As there was a complaint of theft filed for the cars that were used in the blast, JCP Goud was believed that if the thieves of the cars were to be apprehended, it would be easy to nab the terrorists behind the blasts. He spoke to JCP Kulkarni from the Mumbai Crime Branch and asked for help. The Mumbai Crime branch rounded up people who were previously involved in car thefts, but no amount of thrashing could get information from them on who had stolen cars used in the blasts. Goud directed the team in Mumbai to return as they couldn't get anything worthwhile in the three days of their stay there. There were constant phone calls from Gandhinagar, which the JCP answered patiently. DCP Sinha would wonder how come JCP Goud could be so calm in such a pressing situation. Known for his calm demeanour, Sinha himself has been off the handle since the last three days. That morning when he was leaving for work, his wife informed him that their daughter has been keeping ill. Sinha, without even looking at his daughter answered, I am leaving my car here, take her to the doctor's. His wife was surprised at the response, because if there were anyone close to him, it was his 5-year old daughter. Without even checking his daughter's temperature, he asked his wife to take the daughter to doctor's in his striking force car. Unhappy with this behaviour, his wife said, "You go around working for the city, but you have no worry for your daughter?" This enraged Sinha and he turned back from the door and said, "So should I leave this job? What am I supposed to do if the daughter is sick, I am not a doctor!" He then quickly walked towards the vehicle waiting for him.

The commandos and his driver who were waiting outside with his car too were surprised, as they've seen the DCP talk to his wife in this manner. But they could understand why their boss has been like this for the past three days, the crushing pressure at work has been why Sinha was in a bad mood. The DCP reached crime branch office, where inspector Jadeja was doing what he is best at, thrashing an alleged suspect laid on a bench, with a stick. Jadeja stopped as the DCP walked in and saluted him. The DCP returned the salute and took the stick from Jadeja. He too gave 8-10 whacks at the feet of the person lying on the bench. He gave the stick back to Jadeja and then walked in to his chamber. Everyone looked in surprise at the way the DCP was behaving. He had just taken his seat in his chamber when his mobile phone rang. He picked up the call and said, "Yes Rizwan, any developments?" Rizwan's response lightened up Sinha's face. Sinha continued, "So when are you reaching crime branch?... No issues, I'll come.. No, No, I'll come on my own and not in my official vehicle." He immediately got up and walked out in haste. The third degree on the suspect was still on, but everyone stopped as Sinha walked out. "Jadeja, who brings a motorcycle to work from your squad?" asked Sinha even before inspector Jadeja could open his mouth. No one could understand why he asked this question. "I need a motorcycle," said the DCP, in chaste Gujarati, much to everyone’s surprise.

A constable came forward, pulled out keys from his pocket and said he has a bike. The DCP asked him to bring it here, which the constable agreed to and rushed out. As everyone was wondering why did the DCP ask for a motorcycle, the constable arrived with his ride. Sinha asked him to alight from the bike and he himself got on it. Before the gunman and Jadeja could come ahead to accompany Sinha, he stopped them, "I'll go on my own. There's no need for you two to come along. Sinha kick-started the bike and asked the constable if all the gears are in place, to which the constable replied in positive. The DCP took a U-turn put the vehicle on first gear and sped off, leaving everyone wondering why he didn't take anyone along. Inspector Jadeja was worried that the DCP didn't take him or the gunman along at a time when the situation in the city is not so good. Meanwhile, DCP Sinha passed Jamalpur Darwaja and went towards Sardar Patel Bridge. He was having a little trouble in changing the gears in traffic as it was after a gap of ten years he's been riding a motorcycle. DCP Sinha would go to his UPSC coaching classes on his bike. Ever since he became an IPS, he almost forgot about his bike after being surrounded with policemen and travelling in government vehicles. He was out in the city today like a common man and probably got the realisation that the traffic in the city has increased. As he was wondering how can commute on their vehicles in such traffic, a rickshaw driver stuck his leg out to signalling him a turn. On normal days when Sinha would travel in a police vehicle, rickshaws would make way for him. The DCP got angry at this, but the very next moment he was laughing from the inside on how come the rickshaw driver know that it is the DCP on the motorcycle behind him. As he was riding on the bridge, he looked the Sabarmati river on both directions, brimming with water. This was kind of making him feel glad. Today he was feeling the wind in his hair and the speed made the wind sound like a tune to him. He crossed Paldi cross roads and drove towards Gujarat College.

The twenty-seventh part of the serialized novel 'Deewal' based on the Sabarmati jailbreak attempt, written by Prashant Dayal, the editor of