Mumbai: Veteran actor Dalip Tahil has informed that his role in forthcoming film Daas Dev is like that of a modern-day Narad Muni. He will be portraying the role of Sahay in Daas Dev, which is an upcoming modern-day political thriller adapted from timeless classic Devdas. The film is set against the political backdrop of Uttar Pradesh.

Talking about his role during an interview, Dalip Tahil said, “I have known Sudhir Mishra for the longest time but never really worked together. He was doing the recce for the film when I met him and he offered me this role. I am playing this role of Sahay, and he is like Chunni Lal, the one from the Devdas. The film is based on Politics; its backdrop is Uttar Pradesh politics.

“Sudhir told me that the character is not a politician as such, he is educated and a little different but a power broker and power manipulator. I liked the flavor and color of the character. If I have to sum up my character in one line, I’d say he is modern day Narad Muni, who is modern and manipulative in current day UP politics” said Tahil.

Daas Dev is an adaptation of timeless romantic Devdas, so comparisons are bound to take place, which according to Dalip is perfectly okay.  “Dev Das to Daas Dev and you are changing its graph, it is a reverse graph. So comparison will always be there and they are okay, one must compare. But I believe this movie Daas Dev, will make its niche”

Anurag Kashyap and Vineet Singh will be seen in guest appearances in Daas Dev, which will release on April 27.