Ahmedabad: Gujarat Police DGP Shivanand Jha shot off a letter to all range IGs and police commissioners across Gujarat that every time illicit liquor worth Rs 5 lakhs or more is seized, there must be an investigation into possible connivance between the bootlegger and cops in smuggling too. This investigation must be headed by an inspector-general (IG) or joint commissioner of police (JCP).

In his letter, the DGP has said that it must be investigated on where the alcohol was produced, which route was used to bring it into Gujarat, the vehicle that was used to smuggle, who paid for them and if the seized contraband is valued more than Rs 5 lakh, it also should be looked into if the bootleggers have any alleged contacts in the police who might be helping them.

The DGP stressed on the fact that despite prohibition being in force in Gujarat. The law is not being implemented strictly. Thus from now every time illicit alcohol is seized while being smuggled into the state, the matter will be investigated by the range IG of the district or the joint police commissioner.