Ahmedabad: There’s no dearth of skeletons tumbling out of the closet in the Bitcoin-extortion case of a Surat-based businessman, which the CID Crime is investigating. Gujarat Police’s CID Crime department had begun its investigation into the extortion of Rs 12 crores worth of Bitcoins from Shailesh Bhatt, a real-estate developer from Surat. After an exhausting investigation of more than two months, the CID stumbled upon more damning revelations, that the bitcoins extorted from Bhatt were not actually his, but ones which he himself had extorted from someone else. A new complaint was registered where the complainant of the previous case, Bhatt, has been made accused of theft of 131 crores worth of Bitcoins.

The CID has arrested Nikunj Bhatt, the nephew of Shailesh Bhatt and a certain Dilip Kanani in the second case of Bitcoin theft and has produced them at the court with 19 points it needs to investigate into the case. The police wish to interrogate Nikunj and Dilip to know which place they had taken Piyush Savaliya after kidnapping him. They wish to seize the Audi and Fortuner SUVs used for the kidnappings of Savaliya and Dhaval Mavani. It is believed that the duo had threatened Dhaval using a revolver during the kidnapping and the cops need to investigate whose revolver was it and seize it further.

Nikunj and Dilip had used their own digital wallets to transfer the cryptocurrency they had extorted out of Dhaval. They had in total transferred 2256 bitcoins from Dhaval and the cops would be investigating on how the loot was distributed and who got how many shares out of it. According to the confession of Savaliya, several unknown people too were involved in his kidnapping and the police want to ascertain their identities and arrest them too. Only two arrests have been made so far in the second Bitcoin case, in which other than the theft of cryptocurrency, cash money Rs 14.50 crores was extorted from Dhaval Mavani too. The CID wants to investigate how was this money split amongst the accused. The CID also wants to seize the declaration affidavit that was made by Piyush Savaliya under force by Dilip and Nikunj. The CID plans to ask the court to provide them the remand of Nikunj and Dilip for a longer period, once their two-day remand gets over.

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