Gandhinagar: Galudan, a small village located in Gandhinagar has been facing several issues due to the industrial pollution into its river since some time and their numerous representations to the administration and local leaders have been in vain so far. According to the villagers, no actions are being taken against the factory that is polluting the only water body, a thin stream that runs by the village, because of the owner’s proximity to local political leaders.

Galudan has a population of 3,500 people and is located on the Ahmedabad-Dehgam road. A til (sesame) processing unit, which discharges chemical effluents into the river, pollutes the villagers’ major source of water. The sarpanch of the village, Baldev Thakor tells us, “The river has been now filled up with the polluted discharge from the factory. Because its flow has been stagnated too, a foul stench envelops the village, which is unbearable. We have appraised the government of our problems but, it has fallen to deaf ears.” He further adds that heavy trucks and vehicles from the nearby factory pass from the middle of the village, which has also left the RCC roads damaged.

The ones most troubled by this menace are those who have their houses on the farms near the river. Govind Thakor, a resident of the village tells us that when the villagers decided to take up this matter with the owner of the factory, he threatened us, flaunting his proximity and influence with local politicians. On the other hand, the administration too seemed to have turned a blind eye to the villagers’ plight.

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