Hitesh Chavda, Gandhinagar: An employee of the Central Bank of India’s Khambolaj branch in Anand district of Gujarat has threatened to commit suicide as no action has been taken against the suspension that was handed over to him by the bank over a false allegation of fraud.

Hasmukh Chavda, 56, was working as a clerk with the Khambolaj branch of the bank after clearing a departmental examination in 2015. Before that, he was employed as a cleaning staff, a sweeper with the same bank, for 22 years. In his application to the local police station, he has claimed that he has not been reinstated to his post after he was suspended over departmental inquiry on a fraudulent transaction charge against him at the Khambolaj branch, even though they were never proved. He has now threatened to commit suicide if he is not cleared of the charges and reinstated back to work.

Chavda claims that the banking staff of the Khambolaj branched have connived against him and have framed him in a case of fraudulent transaction amounting to Rs 54,000 when he was employed as a cashier with the branch. He said that ever since he has been suspended, his family is facing severe financial hardships like no money to buy food and paying school-fees of his children. He claims that he is a victim of caste discrimination at the workplace and the other banking staffs are hand in glove to frame him under false charges of financial fraud.

The police officer investigating the case, Saburbhai says that the complainant had made claims that he was elevated to post of cashier after he had cleared the departmental exams. He accused the bank staff to have collectively acted against him and pinned the allegations of financial fraud on him, which led to his suspension.

Chavda has approached the Labour Court too, where the matter is pending for hearing.