MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: Controversies and Shankersinh Vaghela go hand in hand since the time he’s been active in Gujarat politics. The senior politician, fondly known as Bapu amongst his peers and followers, never shies away from stirring the bees nest with statements. This time, he has challenged the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi that if he is to walk his talk, then he should make of his party’s Muslim leader the party president and let Sangh choose a Muslim member as its chief from its minority wing. This challenge came in the wake of the PM’s recent statement where he took a jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi for not letting anyone outside his family to lead the party.

Vaghela, who was on a visit to diamond city Surat on Saturday said, “I just want to tell them (BJP) that can the Sangh place someone from their minority wing on the position of Mohan Bhagwat in Nagpur-Reshamwad or the BJP put one of their Muslim leaders as their party chief in the palatial headquarters in New Delhi? Only then I’d believe that the PM walks the talk.”

When journalists asked him about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Vaghela said that he has travelled nine states in the country so far and no one is happy with the government. He said the people tell him that they didn’t get to see any vikas the party had promised during the campaigns. He further added that because of this unhappiness, BJP might lose the 2019 general elections and there could be a UPA-3.

“Though several anti-BJP parties in Kerala, West Bengal or Telangana are contesting polls against themselves, the collective result in the 2019 polls will be against BJP for sure. The Opposition doesn’t have a face, but people elect their representatives to the parliament, who then chose their leader. Even in the elections during 1977, 1984, 1990, 1991 and 2004, the opposition didn’t have a face, but the won,” said Vaghela. When prodded on which party is he supporting, he concluded by saying that he will be in support of anyone of who is out to defeat the BJP rule.

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