MeraNews Network, Surat: The Surat district collector on Wednesday distributed Rs 23 crore in compensation for the land acquired for the bullet train project, to 14 farmers from 3 villages in an event at Vaktana.

This was the first instance where farmers readily accepted the compensation paid to them for the land that was procured by the government for the ambitious bullet train project. The farmers belonging to Vaktana, Bonad and Goja villages of Surat accepted their compensation from Dr. Dhaval Patel, the district collector, in presence of the officials from the bullet train project at a consent agreement programme. A total of 41 farmers have agreed to the compensation being paid to them for their land. They will be paid Rs 75 crores in total for their land, of which 23 crores were paid to 14 farmers on Wednesday.

The farmers who let their land be acquired for the project are first paid 80 percent of the compensation. Later when the remaining 20 percent of compensation is to be paid, they are additionally paid twice the value of the house, bore well, well, trees, etc and other properties that fall under the land that is procured by the government.