Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs from Vadodara Yogesh Patel, Ketan Imandar, and Madhu Shrivastav recently made their displeasure with the party public and complained that the state government isn’t listening to them. BJP immediately fielded its ‘rescue team’ of Bhupendrasinh Chudasma and Pradipsinh Jadeja, who got in touch with the miffed MLAs and assured them of solutions to their problems. Madhu Shrivastav and Ketan Imandar even traveled to Gandhinagar to meet the deputy chief minister of state Nitin Patel. The BJP claimed that the MLAs were unhappy with authorities and not with the ministers and that all is hunky dory now. But this has become a common thing for the party now. Every three months some of the other MLA comes out with his issues and the party has to involve into some firefighting within the party.

But why does this happen frequently? It’s not that the BJP has not looked into this issue, as a matter of fact, it is very well aware of the wound, but instead of bringing a permanent cure to it, the party is only doing the first-aid treatment of it. Even the MLAs and party leaders have come know that unless the matter reaches the top ranks in the BJP government, there won’t be any solutions to their issues. The citizens had begun to believe that the BJP government doesn’t interact with them and it swings into action only after the people take it to the streets. But now even the elected party MLAs and leaders have resorted to taking their dissent to the streets. Journalists in Gandhinagar discuss how the MLAs too now have to wait outside the chambers of the ministers for an audience with them, just like any common man would have to.

The government officials too, understand the blowing winds of change and behave with the MLAs according to the importance he/she gets from the ministers. If an MLA is made to wait by the minister, the official won’t even bother offering a chair to him/her. The leaders who have become ministers now may have cooked up a notion in their heads that they will remain ministers till their last breath. But they may not be aware that it doesn’t take time for the tables to turn. Those ministers once who commanded great respect and held immense power are not left to fend for themselves. If one has to witness how power intoxicates a person, they must visit the Sachivalay in Gandhinagar once. The ministers believe that they are the honest ones and those MLAs who try to reach out to them with their problems are the ones who are corrupt. If the BJP MLAs actually believe that they are honest, they must ask themselves if the rise in their wealth could’ve been possible on the salary they draw as a minister.

MLAs who take the issues and complaints of the people to the ministers seeking solutions are looked upon with suspicion by them. The people’s vote might not matter to minister anymore, but if the MLAs must not be taken for granted. The ministers think that the MLAs who come to them seeking help don’t have their own individuality and that their position is thanks to the BJP’s image. But the party must understand that it doesn’t take too long for their belief to be proven wrong. The BJP today is not what the party was in 2012 and if its arrogant ministers are not to mend their ways, then not just the citizens but even their MLAs might teach them a lesson too.

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