Ahmedabad: Even as the CID Crime is in the lookout of absconding former MLA Nalin Kotadia and is yet to arrest the seven remaining accused constables of Amreli Police who’ve been named in the infamous Bitcoin extortion case of a Surat-based businessman, they have detained and questioned Piyush Savaliya for the past three days. Though the CID claims otherwise, Savaliya’s family has confirmed it that he has been taken away by the CID. It is being said that the CID is trying to nail a few other big fishes involved in the case using Savaliya.

When Surat-based realtor Shailesh Bhatt’s complaint featured the name of Nalin Kotadia, he made a counterclaim that Bhatt had actually kidnapped Savaliya Dhaval Mavani and had extorted bitcoins worth Rs 150 crores from them. Even when the Amreli Police was questioned upon why they had detained Bhatt, they had made a claim that they had a complaint from Mavani. But further investigation had revealed that the claim was a farce.

According to CID sources, there is some truth in the claims made by Kotadia. After demonetization, many moneyed men had invested heavily into cryptocurrency. Amongst the big players, Dhaval Mavani was one of them. Shailesh Bhatt and several of his partners invested with Mavani, who later went underground. Bhatt and his partners later got a tip-off that Piyush Savaliya, who used to work under Dhaval Mavani, is aware of Mavani’s location. In January this year, Bhatt and his accomplices picked up Svaliya and kept him detained in a farmhouse and forced him to reveal Mavani’s whereabouts. Later Bhatt and his men reached Mavani and extorted not only his share of bitcoins but several other cryptocurrencies and Rs 14 crores from Mavani. Piyush has claimed that he is not aware what amount was Mavani supposed to pay up to Bhatt and his men.

It is believed that after this incident, Mavani escaped to Europe as he was under a massive debt of Rs 12 thousand crores or more. Only Dhaval is aware of the investments of Bhatt and his men in cryptocurrency with him, but because Dhaval has not filed any official complaint regarding the above-mentioned incident, the cops are unable to take any action against him. But because Savaliya has worked under Mavani, he is aware of each and every financial fraud Mavani has committed and if sources are to be believed, the CID will become a complainant in a case after getting Savaliya to spill all the beans on Dhaval.