Ahmedabad: After the arrest of Amreli Police DSP Jagdish Patel on late Sunday night, the CID Crime have now trained its guns towards former MLA from state Nalin Kotadiya and will be questioning him over his alleged involvement in the kidnapping and extortion of a Surat-based businessman by cops of Amreli Police.

Though Jagdish Patel has been claiming innocence in the whole case and that he is not the mastermind behind the whole plan, the interrogation of PI Anant Patel has thrown up some critical information that clearly points out that Jagdish Patel was totally hand-in-glove with all the participants in this crime. The CID Crime had summoned Amreli Police DSP to appear in front of them and tell them his side of the story, but Jagdish Patel failed to show and as a result, CID sent a team to Amreli and picked up Patel on late Sunday night. He was made to confront PI Anant Patel in the interrogation and if sources are to be believed, the involvement of the DSP, in this case, has been confirmed. CID Crime’s DIG Dipankar Trivedi informed journalist that the interrogation of DSP Patel is still on and by evening his official arrest would be made.

If Anant Patel was the actual mastermind behind this case, the investigation would’ve ended with his arrest, but there are about other 7-8 people involved in it and we’re yet to nab them. We even want Nalin Kotadiya to record his statement with us, so now we would be questioning him too. The help of Ahmedabad Crime Branch is also being taken in tracing the trail of the extorted Bitcoins and so far we’ve recovered about 150 GB of data regarding the same. They are also helping us in tracking the other accused cops who will be nabbed soon, said DIG Trivedi.

Even the aggrieved realtor from Surat Shailesh Bhatt would be called up by CID for another round of interrogation where there is the probability of making him confront Anant Patel again. They have also asked for an additional 2-day remand of lawyer Ketan Patel who was previously arrested with the two constables from Amreli Police. It is being said that Ketan gave wrong information to the interrogators that his mobile device had got damaged in a fall, while the reality is that he had handed over the device to one of Anant Patel’s men to hide this crucial piece of evidence.