MeraNews Network, Bhavnagar: Residents of Bhavnagar were in for a surprise when they saw banners and boards welcoming a dreaded criminal, Ubaid Shaikh, who was released on bail. It looked a scene straight out of a movie where gangsters in the badlands of Bihar and UP were celebrated and welcomed upon their release. But a news report on the same by the Gujarati portal of MeraNews, got the local crime branch to swing into action and pull down all the banners and boards put up to welcome to the gangster by his henchmen.

Ubaid Shaikh is notorious for his gang-wars with Arab gang, where he concerted attacks, planned murders and shootouts on his opponents. He runs a travel and construction company and was housed in the Junagadh jail until recently when the Gujarat High Court accepted his bail plea and granted him one.

Elated gang members of Ubair’s gang put up banners and lights leading to his office in Diwanpara area. There were talks of a procession to be taken out in the area to celebrate his bail, which could pose a serious security threat not just to him but residents of the area too. But the Bhavnagar local crime branch inspector Deepak Mishra with his staff rushed to the places where the lights and banners were put up and took them off. This action by the police has restored faith in the law and order of the city.

Meanwhile, gang members have reached Junagadh prison to welcome Ubaid who’ll be out on bail from Friday.