MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: In the wake of several attacks on migrants and non-Gujarati people residing in North and Central Gujarat districts, Congress MLA from Radhanpur Alpesh Thakor held a meeting on Friday evening with karyakartas from five districts at his Ahmedabad residence. The rape of 14-month old toddler by a Bihar native in Sabarkantha has triggered rage amongst many locals who have been threatening migrants, especially those from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to go back to their hometowns.

Alpesh said that he specially summoned the karykartas of five districts despite the Thakor community being spread across the state because there have been incidents of violence from these five regions. He appealed to the community leaders to ensure that protests must be peaceful. He insisted that the community must not fall for rumors being spread by people with malicious attempt to force them to resort to violence against any community.

He claimed that several people are using the Thakor community’s name to settle personal scores with those who belong to other community and that the members of Thakor community must not get triggered by social media posts that might try to incite them and thus disrupt the peace in Gujarat. He further added that in most incidents of violence against migrants, the attackers have been those who are jobless and frustrated by it. Thakor said that his community will continue their protest but peacefully, without causing harm to anyone in the state.

Speaking about the Sabarkantha incident, Thakor said, “We know how to get justice for our daughter, and it was visible as we got the government to act within 24 hours and accept out demands on paper.”

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