MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: Amidst rising unemployment rates across the country since 2013, especially amongst the north Indian states, Gujarat and Chattisgarh stood out as the former maintained its unemployment rate as last year, while the latter clocked a surprising decline.

The State of Working India report (SWI) prepared by the Centre for Sustainable Employment of Azim Premji University showed that the country is failing in converting its high economic growth rate into jobs for the youth. The rate of joblessness amongst youth is currently 16 percent.

Uma Rani, the senior economist at the research department of International Labour Office in Geneva told English daily Indian Express, “Despite high economic growth rate in the last decade, far fewer jobs have been created than is desirable. Underemployment, unemployment, and informal employment are also increasing.”

The report stated that one of the main reasons behind the huge rate of joblessness amongst the youth is their pursuit for a government job in the public sector. The sector has fewer job opportunities, for which, millions of young Indians apply. For a few thousand job openings in even the lowest category of government jobs, millions of Indians apply.

In North India, Himachal Pradesh showed the highest rate of unemployment at 10.6 percent, while down south, Kerala fell in the highest bracket with 12.5 percent. In the North East, Tripura showed the highest rate of unemployment at 14.5 percent.

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