Ahmedabad: There have been several instances of accused and criminals escaping police custody while in transit or from court premises during their hearings. In most of the cases, the police are unable to catch hold of the criminal making good his escape. When the police administration sat down to brainstorm the probable reason behind their men unable to catch escaping culprits, it was found out that the heavy rifles and leather boots were given to the police officials and constables are becoming a hindrance for them in acting swiftly everytime they have someone attempting escape from their custody.

In a notice sent out to all the departments of the police on March 21, 2018, the directorate general's office as instructed the policemen who are part of the police party for any criminals' transit must wear jungle shoes or PT shoes instead of the heavy leather boots. They should also be given sticks, batons, ropes, and handcuffs instead of the heavy rifles. Those taking hardened criminals must transport them in special vehicles which have an iron grill separating the criminal from the policemen inside the vehicle.

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The party transporting hardened criminals would consist of a sub-inspector armed with a revolver and a handcuff, a head-constable with a pistol, a commando with a stun-gun, a constable with a rifle and two Lok Rakshak Dal jawans with ropes, handcuffs, and sticks. If the number of criminals being transported is more, the size of the police party too will increase. Those criminals who've tried escaping once and have been caught now will henceforth have his/her hearing via video conferencing under CrPc 268. The home ministry has to be informed in writing about the same before the hearings.

When the number of criminals is less or just one, they are to be transported in light vehicles which must have a partition wall between the policemen and the criminals. All the officials and jawans in the police party are supposed to wear their PT shoes.