MeraNews Network, Aravalli: Seems like the problems of Gujarat farmers struggling to sell their produce to the government are not going to end soon. The groundnut farmers have been facing problems right from the start where they had to register online for the sale and still be unsure if their produce would be accepted by the quality standards of the government after transporting them hundreds of kilometres to the market yards. Farmers in Aravalli district had to stay put at the market yard for over 48 hours as the stitching machine used to pack the groundnuts filled into gunny sacks malfunctioned multiple times, which led to the procurement process to be stalled.

The farmers had no choice but stay overnight for two days in the biting December cold as the procurement process was moving at a snail’s pace and they could not afford to travel back to their villages leaving their produce at the yard in the open. With multiple trucks filled with groundnut lined on the streets leading to the Malpur procurement centre, traffic snarls were seen throughout the day and night. To add to their misery, these procurement centres didn’t have basic facilities too.

Farmers Vinod Patel and Rupa Tarare informed that they have been waiting at the place since 3 PM yesterday for their turn to have their groundnut sacks to be weighed and stitched and then sold.

The farmers later appealed to the authorities to bring in more manpower and equipment like weighing scales and stitching machines to speed up the process. Nanji Vankar, the in-charge official at the Malpur procurement centre said about 70 to 80 farmers bring in their produce daily, out of which only 50 to 60 of them are approved for procurement. He brushed off the issue of malfunctioning equipment and lack of manpower as just a small hitch which is not a big deal.