MeraNews Network, Aravalli: 31 students studying in Khiloda Primary School in Bhiloda, Aravalli in Gujarat fell sick after consuming the midday meal that was served to them during lunch break. The children are said to be suffering from food-poisoning due to the cheap quality of food they were made to consume.

The children were rushed to Shamlaji Referral hospital by the teachers as the kids started to vomit after consuming khichadi that was served to them for lunch. 27 are said to be out of danger, while 4 others are serious. The Mamlatdar rushed to the hospital and was complained to by the parents of the children that the health department has been trying to cover up this matter.

The food and drugs department of Aravalli have taken samples of the khichadi, food grains, and water for testing. It is being believed that adulterated food grains are supplied to the schools for midday meals as quality control officials are corrupt.

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