MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Seems like not only the citizens of Gujarat but even its big cats have taken a liking towards the state capital and its beauty. Pugmarks of an adult leopard were found on the banks of Sabarmati River flowing by Gandhinagar. The forest department officials confirmed that they were indeed pugmarks of a leopard. This also confirms the talk about leopard sightings near Aluva hills, on the border of Pindarda village near Gandhinagar-Mahudi route.

The capital was taken by surprise when leopard had sneaked into the Secretariat complex during the wee hours of November 5 and its movement were caught in the security cameras placed inside and outside the complex. It was nabbed after it moved out of the complex, into a nursery Raj Bhavan, after two days. It was released into the wild after inserting a microchip in it.

For the past one week, rumours and talks about a second leopard being spotted around Gandhinagar have been doing rounds. Forest department officials have confirmed that the pug marks it had found on the river bank were indeed that of the big cat.

Because Gandhinagar and its adjoining areas have many small forests, ravines, and dense shrubbery, it is easy for animals like leopards to sneak into the empty spaces and complexes in the middle of the night.