Ahmedabad: One good policeman is enough to set straight anti-social elements and crook ministers who believe that they have the police in their pockets, given their power of money and brawn. After the arrest of Amreli Police’s Superintendent of Police Jagdish Patel and inspector Anant Patel in connection with the infamous Bitcoin extortion case, no one was ready to take up the vacant post in the Amreli Crime Branch. The law and order in the district had gone to the dogs during that point, as even the lower level cops had begun following the footsteps of the corrupt seniors.

After two months, the Gujarat home ministry posted IPS Nirlipt Rai as the new SP of Amreli Police and it infused a new energy in Amreli cops. Amreli had become a battleground for gangsters who, without any fear of the law, began attacking each other, causing terror amongst citizens. But ever since Rai has taken charge in his new post, he has made internal transfers of several police inspectors and has given them clear instructions to follow the law and to show the power of law to those who dare to break them.

After an attack on an infamous gangster from Amreli, Irfan Talki by the Harif gang, Rai ordered for a list of anti-social elements and gangsters be prepared and instructed the police to deal with them in the language they understand the best. As a result, those gangsters, who once terrorized the residents of Amreli, were made to fold their hands and apologize for their actions.

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