MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: A young died of injuries after a stray kite string slit his throat while riding a motorcycle last Friday evening. Mehul Dabhi, a driver cum office-boy working with private finance firm in Ahmedabad was riding his motorcycle near CTM crossroads when a glass-coated kite string got entangled in his neck. He died during treatment.

Dabhi, a resident of Ayojan Nagar in Vinjhol in the city, was the sole breadwinner of his family. He was to drop off an employee of his firm near CTM. As he was on his way back, he felt a sharp tug on his neck and he fell down from his motorcycle. When he noticed his throat has been slit by a ‘manjha’, he immediately flagged down a rickshaw and rushed to a nearby hospital, but died during treatment due to heavy loss of blood and deep wounds. The cops have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

In another instance, a youth from Isanpur had narrow escape after he too was injured by the manjha or kite thread. He was travelling from Chandola to Isanpur when a stray kite string got tangled in his neck. In an attempt to break off the string, he suffered minor injuries to his palms, nose and his neck. He was lucky enough have escaped as the wounds weren’t deep.

With Uttarayan around the corner, manjha spinners have begun making glass-coated thread which is used in competitive kite flying where one person has to cut the strings of other person's kite up in the sky. Many times a stray kite with long string entangles birds and sometimes pedestrians and motorcycle-borne persons leaving them them with deep cuts and sometimes killing them.