Hitesh Chavda, Gandhinagar: The opposition councilors of Behrampura led by the MLA from Danilimda constituency of Ahmedabad, Shailesh Parmar will be protesting against the state government for ignoring the historic Chandola Lake from the Sujalam Sufalam water conservation project which has been started off across the state with much fanfare. To show the plight of the lake, the councilors will play cricket on the dry bed of the lake and then began the deepening work of the reservoir with excavator machines commissioned by them.

“In what can be called sheer injustice to the residents of Danilimda, the state government has ignored Chandola Lake from its Sujalam Sufalam Yojana. The residents are dependent on the 300 borewells that pull water from this reservoir. To protest against this discrimination, MLA Shailesh Parmar and other elected councilors of Behrampura ward will play cricket on the bed of the lake which has dried up this summer,” said Badruddin Shaikh, who was the former leader of the opposition and now a councilor in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

He further said, “After the cricket match, we will commission two excavators by our own to dig the lake and remove the silt from it. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had said that the state government will desilt reservoirs across the state under Sujlam Suflam Jal Abhiyan during the month of May which will increase the storage capacity of the reservoirs by 11,000 lakh cubic feet, helping farmers with water for irrigation of their crops. The ruling party gave several promises of drinking water and water for irrigation of crops but has failed badly at it so far.”