Mumbai: Rang De Basanti fame actor Siddharth has urged big platforms like Netflix and Amazon to recognize young talent and unique content compared to star-based cinema. Films starring popular faces are clogging and hogging all the opportunities, as a result, independent cinema is dying, claims Siddharth.

The House Next Door-actor wrote a series of tweets on his social media account addressing his worry and urging big productions houses to help independent cinema grow. He writes, “Star based cinema is now dominating theatrical release, music rights, TV satellite, digital streaming rights, and shockingly even award shows. Cricket sees the difference between IPL and tests. Why can't cinema? This is literally winner takes all. Independent cinema is dying”

“Number of small companies and individuals in cinema struggling to release their films is growing. Earlier they had TV satellite & digital was expected to be a boon. Turns out these avenues are reserved for bigger players irrespective of the quality of content. Status quo must change,” added Siddharth

He concluded, “Netflix and Amazon better start recognizing young talent and unique content. Otherwise we will only see the same bloated commercial cinema there too and that is a waste! Hollywood has gained tremendously from these channels. India deserves better. So far, it's dismal”

Siddharth is a multi-lingual actor, who is noted for his work in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam language films, is also a screenwriter, producer, and playback singer. He has also appeared in 2013 release Chashme Baddoor, which also starred Ali Zafar, Taapsee Pannu and Divyendu Sharma in lead roles.