Surat: The Anti-Corruption Bureau has begun filing charges against corrupt authorities who have scammed the government of crores of rupees after their investigation led to the revelation that thousands of farm-ponds built in the Adivasi belt from Ambaji to Umargam were just on paper.

In a search operation at the Tapi riverbank near Ghasiyameda village of Songadh taluka, the ACB discovered a huge scam of illegal sand-mining. The ACB sent a report on this to the Tapi collector urging them to take action against this. The mines department was also informed about this. But because there might some mining authorities who are hand-in-glove with these illegal miners, the Gujarat unit chief of ACB ordered Surat unit in-charge NP Gohil to investigate the matter.

Gohil said, ‘Sand mafia might be in connivance with authorities from the revenue and mining department or else a scam of such magnitude could not go on for such a long time under the authorities’ noses. There will be an investigation into the matter and if proven, the corrupt authorities will be made to face the law for the same.