Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: With the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, the topics of Ram Mandir and Hindu Muslim have been raked up again. Because in India, the elections being fought for the eradication of poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy is just a farce. The BJP would accuse the Congress of playing appeasement politics, while the Congress would say that the BJP is anti-minority. This argument and accusations have been going on for so long, that now the common man has the perception that BJP is anti—muslim, while the Congress bats for the community.

If one looks at the events that have happened over the years since the independence, it could be noticed that the Congress doesn’t actually stand by its ideology of being a secular party through its activities and approach. As a matter of fact, their ideologies seem to lean more towards hardcore Hindutva than the BJP. The Muslims were at loss the most during the Congress governance. The party never actually worked towards educating the Muslim community in the country, and as a result, the Muslims are lesser educated compared to the Hindus.

As a result, the representation of Muslims in government jobs and offices is too less. Not just the government jobs, even if one looks into the party ranks the Congress has had very less Muslim leaders reach to the national level. The community has never had a leader in the Congress whom they could call their own. The party has always seen the community as a vote bank and nothing else. The only few Muslim leaders in the party could never go ahead of holding positions in the regional or state level.

If we talk about communal harmony, the number of Muslims killed in communal violence is the highest during the Congress regime. Whenever the topic of communal violence comes up, the name of Narendra Modi and the year 2002 comes in everyone’s mind. But the worst mortality rates of Muslims in communal violence had happened in the year 1969 when Congress was in power. Unofficial numbers quote the deaths to more than five thousand Muslim men and women. The sole reason 2002 stands out compared to this is that in 1969, the age of cable television had not arrived yet and thus the citizens weren’t aware of the gravity of the pogrom.

If the BJP has killed Muslims in the daylight, the Congress has done worse to the community in the dark of the night. If one looks at the history of the Congress in other states including Gujarat, it is clear that Muslims have seen more deaths during the Congress regime. The Congress is not just a hardcore Hindutva party, but also strongly promotes Brahminism.  During its government, the President, the Chief Justice of India, Election Commission chief and other important positions in the country were held by Brahmins, or those belonging to the upper caste communities.