MeraNews Network, Jamnagar: The local crime branch (LCB) of Jamnagar Police on Sunday recovered a huge stash of liquor worth over Rs 11 lakhs from Jamjodhpur city to be smuggled into different districts across the state. The bootleggers escaped, leaving behind the contraband when the LCB conducted a raid in an alleged smuggling den located remotely inside a thicket on the border of Sonawadia village.

Jamjodhpur is infamous for its numerous smuggling dens for illicit liquor and many of its customers include senior political leaders from the local BJP unit. The bootleggers, who are emboldened by the political patronage it receives, didn’t shy away from firing at the police party that had come down for the raid. The cops seized 2,882 bottles of liquor worth Rs 11,52,800.

Though the smugglers escaped, the cops have identified three of them, namely Meru Rama Hun from Pastaradi village, Raju Pola Kodiyatar from Sonwadia and Munna Kana Hun from Melan village. The cops have registered a complaint against the three as absconding and have launched an investigation regarding the same.

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